For many it seems the UK Fed’ has not been up to much, however, as looking back at 2015  we were quite busy!

We visited Europe, to attend new events, and ones we plan to return to soon… we fulfilled an active calendar of six events back-to-back in the United Kingdom, starting the weekend after the World Championships…

Beginning  with a bang, our first trip overseas was to the Prague Falchion tournament, in February, where we scooped a third overall, only to be behind Russian and Belarus teams, with our other team getting to the quarter finals. An amazing result as one round saw only 4 fighters in for the start, so definitely an opportunity to improve in 2016.

Of course, everyone was buzzing, and happy with what the UK Fed’ had achieved in such a short time.
Some national training followed, and then into April, with some established events in the UK and a new addition to our calendar with Medieval Mayhem, up in Spalding.  Without even stopping to breathe it was all go to the capital for the Vauxhall Gardens St.George’s Festival! This inaugural London Tournament was a great success, allowing the UK Fed’ to bring Historical Medieval Battles to the capital.  We had great interest, and great crowds too, Vauxhall Trust reporting,

“Thank you to the 3000 people who turned up to see Battle of the Nations UK Federation competing in the inaugural London Tournament”.

May brought the HMB World Championships, held in Prague. The UK Fed’ had both fighters and marshalls taking part in what was the fifth championship held by HMBia.

UK based first qualified female marshall

June saw some the opening of our National Training Centre, a dedicated space for the development of full contact Medieval fighting, eventually with a full Medieval village backdrop! Our first training events were held here in June and plans were made for many more. so we can indeed settle into this site as our permanent base!

June also saw us take up residence in the pages of the UK edition of Men’s Fitness magazine with a three page spread featuring our fighters and training.

UK Fed' fighters in Men's Fitness

In July  fighters attended ‘Attack the Castle’ at Château-Thierry, France. The event was a siege reconstruction, based upon the event from the  the heart of the Hundred Years War. Château-Thierry was besieged by the Prince of Wales, taken on the Saturday and then recovered on the Sunday.

Again, a marshal from the UK Fed’ attended, taking part in both the pro-fighting and castle attack. The event was much more entertaining than we had expected, and we made more friends there again; we hope this will become a regular event on the full-contact calendar.

Finally, some events at UK Fed’ HQ – where we built some lists, started building our forge…. and finished with a bit of training…. Some good bonding weekends!

August and September saw us finish to our commitments to the UK re-enactment scene, with events at Loxwood joust, BloodStock (ok, so that one is not for the re-enactors!) Caldicot and Gunpowder Mills, just north of London.

Bloodstock 2015 team photo

Loxwood we simply love! We have attended for the last 2 years, and this year just built on the last. 2016 saw our guys on the main battlefield, helping out with the Champions fights, including one fighter  stretchered off, garnering some  interesting reactions to some the weight of his armour.

What can we say about BloodStock? The fans loved it, again. The guest fighters loved it, again, and our fighters loved it….. again! Another new one for us, was  Herstmonceux Castle, at England’s Medieval Festival, over the August Bank Holiday-  beautiful castle, and a great fun event. We hope to build this event into a bigger and better tournament for the UKfed, expecting it to be called ‘The Big Hurt’.

In September we popped into Wales for Early Medieval Alliance besieging the castle at Caldicot Castle and Country Park (and later too, for a training event, help up the road). We visited the Gunpowder Mills for the second year in a row. We held an inter-team tournament, and generally helped to entertain the crowds.

At the end of the year, we had our end of season, ‘Survivors Weekend’ event, and had some audio recording going on at the National Training Centre. Sound Production for the the movie  needed accurate weapon sounds… and we obliged with various sounds that they needed!

A great way to finish off our busy year. With  more to come for all involved with the  UK Fed’ in this coming year, so come back soon for another update!

The UK Fed’: 100% UK 100% Medeival Full Contact

The UK Fed’ a round up for 2015