Team UK return home with a trophy


Well we did it. Went, competed, and secured a very respectable eighth position out of forty-four teams in the 5v5 bouts, getting knocked out in the quarter finals, winning the best team debut of the tournament for our endeavours. The Russian team (founding country with a phenomenal reputation) who knocked us out went on to win the 5v5, so we were kicked out by the best. The glory was not without tears though. Two of our fighters were injured beyond what might be called cuts and bruises. Lukas Kowal secured a broken arm and Mark Taylor was carried out the area by no less than six French medics after dislocating a shoulder fighting the Israeli team.


Broken bones for UK victory

The tournament had it’s own romance story too. UK team member¬†Evgeny Ole proposed to his long time girlfriend and was accepted! Congratulations to them both. We can only wonder what theme the wedding might be held under.

Team UK wedding announcement


Keep your eyes peeled for accounts from the fighters coming soon.



Team UK return, with the best team debut trophy
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