A Summer of Events for The Battle of the Nations UK Federation

It's all go here, at BotN UKfed, as we prepare for the summer!

I can truly say I have not seen a summer like it!

A year ago I had never heard of Historical Medieval Battles – or Medieval Combat, or heard of Battle of the Nations – so you can see I cheated a little there, but rest assured, this summer will be great!

The highlight for many will be the a world championships in Croatia – I am certainly looking forward to it, for so many reasons, but that does not mean the home events don't match up, oh no! [I will also be a trainee marshal there, so even more reason why Trogir maybe great for myself!]


There is BloodStock to look forward to, later in the summer…. but why start with that?……

Medieval Mayhem – The Steps

Another event, another time to get together, as friends, joining as one…. then trying to detach parts off each other!

Again, the trip to Spalding, to a nice venue, we like it there, and again, a nice weekend camping… arriving on the Friday, setting up camp, and legging it to get the Friday Night Kebab! What more could you want?

The weekend was a little different,we were in an event, which meant Medieval civvies were needed.

  • It meant fighting in front of a crowd.
  • It meant trying to keep to a schedule.

Battle of the Nations UK Federation at Medeival Mayhem 2014All issues that were new to us… at the last public event, the timetable was ours, we could do what we wanted, and when we wanted.

Here, we had crowds to please, to keep entertained, and to show what BotN – Full contact, Medieval Combat was all about!

Many people……