Greetings from the Fed, with the HMB (Historical Medieval Battle)  world championships in Barcelona just around the corner the atmosphere is electric. The only thing anyone is talking about is Battle of the Nations (BotN).  The Fed will be making up the United Kingdom’s 3rd team in the 5v5 with White Company bringing the 1st team and Battle Heritage bringing the 2nd. We also have a heavy contingent in the 21v21 and our warrior woman Steph “Rexie” Kiddle, who’s only been fighting 8 months representing the UK in the women’s buhurt 3v3. It’s going to be a nail biting tournament.

However, the excitement does not stop there as the UK Federation will also be competing on St George’s weekend at the Tea House Theatre, Vauxhaul, London (Vauxhaul Trust). So if you can’t make it all the way to Barcelona, come to London to show your support!

So whilst we prepare for war, what better time to come and check out what full contact medieval fighting is all about and drop us a message, get to a training session then you too can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us!

To any aspiring female fighters out there check out our women’s team blog :
And take up arms!

Your captain,
Chris “Kurgan” Cooper

“Stand to all, yield to none”

St George’s Weekend 2017