After a short hiatus from regular training, and after much planning and recruiting, the Isca men at
Arms returned to regular training in the Plymouth area. With stronger numbers and a focused
training plan over the past few weeks we have come on in great bounds, leading to an exciting
Isca have just attended our first independent tournament! We stretched our legs at Thunder in the
Glens, hosted by the Scottish Knights League at Avinmore. With fighters entered into long sword,
sword and shield and polearm duels, as well as the 3v3 bohurt it was going to be a busy day!
After a long drive, the dawn and drizzle of the Scottish summer was upon us and it was time!
First up were the sword and shield duels involving two of our fighters: Sam Cavin and Damien
Fletcher. Both put on impressive debuts, learning a lot about the duel style of fighting.
Good technique and impressive stamina balanced out their lack of experience against some
veteran fighters and Sam very narrowly missed out on bronze and placed 4 th !
After that came Damien dipping his toe in to the pole-arm pond putting on some impressive bouts!
I fought in long sword, as an experiment of sorts, having only fought in duels once before, I was
dubious as I was drawn against several experienced fighters and narrowly missed out on a bronze.
The Towers of Isca (Isca Team 1) consisted of myself, James Debenham, Damien fletcher, Joel
Collett and Daniel Ninnis. Olly Roberts and Sam Cavin fought for our local friendly rivals the Bristol
We had the luck to be drawn in to a tough group, with our first fight being against the Northern
Wolves, captained by the infamous axe fairy, Tim Martin.
After this there was a small situation where our friends in the boars had suffered a couple of minor
injuries that would have led to us not having a fight. This meant that we could have had a technical
victory but that not what we came for. So in the spirit of sportsmanship I subbed in for the Boars
deciding it would be good to see my lads from the other side. A hard fought first two rounds had us
drawn and in the deciding round the Boars pulled the victory going on to take bronze!
Afterwards the Scots put on a great BBQ whilst we all got to know the other teams and share a few
war stories over a glass or two of mead around the fire.
An exciting and fulfilling event, the Isca Men at Arms teeth have been cut, and they are hungry for
more! Which was convenient as Myself and James had more work to do!
We had been called to fight for UK Fed 1 at the Heritage Cup…it was going to be a long drive!

Isca Men at Arms Captain.
We stand tall.

Isca Men at Arms, arise!
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