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We work with Protectivity as our preferred supplier of sports insurance. Every sale made through the UK Federation website of Protectivity Insurance earns a commission that is paid directly to the team.

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Some info About Protectivity

Protectivity is one of the very few insurance providers who specialise in offering travel insurance combined with sports accident protection for active individuals either in this country or abroad.

We are a well established company with more than 20 years experience in the travel and sports insurance industry, and are underwritten by Canopius Underwriting Ltd, part of Lloyds Syndicate.

We cover over 400 different sports, from rollerblading to re-enactment with steel weapons, and pony trekking to paragliding. If you take out cover for one sport, you are covered for all other sports in the same group and lower groups.

Our policies can be purchased online, and documents are emailed as soon as payment is received.

As a small friendly team we can offer a personalised service to clients, and in the event of a medical emergency, we have a 24 hour helpline for clients.

Our travel policy includes cover for medical expenses including;

  • repatriation,
  • personal liability,
  • search and rescue,
  • personal accident,
  • cancellation, and
  • baggage and sports equipment cover.

For individuals who already have a travel policy in place, we can offer our TopUp insurance which allows them to cover a sport or sports not already covered under their travel policy.

So if they are on holiday in New Zealand, and wish to do a Sky Dive, we can provide them with one day’s cover for that – at short notice if necessary.

For individuals wanting to cover themselves for doing a sport in this country – whether it be on an annual basis, or for single or multiple days, we can also offer Sports Accident insurance.

The main benefits with this policy are;

  • personal accident cover,
  • accidental death,
  • personal liability, and
  • broken bone cover.
  • There is also the option to add on loss of earnings cover.

Types Of Insurance Available:

Sports Travel Insurance

Sports Travel insurance will provide cover for the whole time that you are on a trip away from home.

It will cover you for any general travel issues, plus any issues related to the chosen sport(s). Cover is provided for your chosen sport, plus all other sports in the same sports group or lower groups.

Policies can be Single trip or Annual multi-trip – Annual policies allow multiple single trips of up to 90 days each.

There are 3 levels of cover available to choose from which allow you to select how much cover you require for cancellation, baggage, sports equipment etc.

Activity Top-Up Insurance

If you already have general travel insurance in place, but it does not include cover for your chosen sport(s) / activity(s), Activity TopUp will provide that cover.

You only need to take out cover for the day(s) that you will be doing the selected activity. This can be taken out after you have left the UK / Ireland.

Sports Personal Accident Insurance

This policy is designed to offer Sports Accident cover to individuals who participate in sports / leisure activities.

It will provide personal accident cover for the chosen sport(s) plus all other sports in the same group and lower groups.

Benefits include;

  • personal accident,
  • broken bone payments,
  • accidental death, and
  • personal liability and
  • there is the option to include loss of earnings cover.

Three levels of cover are available and policies can be single day, multiple days or annual.

This policy is not intended for use as Travel insurance as it does not include any cover for medical expenses abroad or repatriation.

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