Croatia Calling!

Croatia Calling - World Championships - Battle of the Nations 2014

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The time is now…

Time to step into the arena of International Historic Medieval Battles!

This is not for the feint-hearted; it will take commitment, pain, sweat, and the tenacity to battle on, regardless.


So, if you are ready, if you hear the call, email;


Training - 01

Hurdles will be in your path – obstacles that you will need to get past, to deal with, so you can stand forward and be counted.
Will you commit to being there, in Croatia?

That means, you will have the funds to get there, home and everything in between?

  • You will have insurance, should you need it…..

  • You will have civvies clothing suitable to the time, worn at all times too.

  • You have the time available to you – we can’t always replace people at the last minute – so please KNOW before you stand forward…


So, if you are ready, if you hear the call, email;


 We need support people – people to assist with all things BotN UKfed during the event – it is not all about being a fighter – without someone to give them water, they will soon fall… we really need a team effort from all!

And if you fancy being the ones;

  • CLOSEST to the action,


  • To be a part of the spectacle,

..then you too should say,

"YES! Make me a UK Marshall!"


So, if you are ready, if you hear the call, email;


Should you wish to be entered to be a fighter, you will need even more commitment – you will need to commit to having armour for the event. If you have none, do you have the resources, and will you commit to that?

If you need help to get armour, and anything else you will need, help will be available – we will do all we can on our side to help you fulfil your side.

This will be our aim; 

  • To outfit,

  • To train, and

  • To get the team to Croatia

– history will determine the rest.

Battle of the nations UK Federation Road Trip To Croatia

We will be amassing all the people we need for our campaign, we will be locked into a secret group, so we can talk about;
The Logistics, 
The Tactics, 
The Squad,
The Training,

…and everything else you will need to know, to be prepared.

We even have a group to discuss the Road Trip to Croatia!


Bite My Shiny metal falchion

This is your time to shine, to be part of the team, to represent the UK Federation in the biggest fighting spectacle of the year, where 50 plus nations have signed up to compete – where new teams are being added all the time, to be part of HMB history.

So, if you want to answer the calling, to set your destiny, email us as soon as you can!

Let us know you agree to be committed, to what role you would like to play, and that you will not be “suddenly” unable to see through your commitments last minute. ***+***

If you can’t do that yet, don’t email until you can – we need to work at 100% to get our goals and dreams set – and to be the best we can be!

So, if you are ready, if you hear the call, email;
…and let’s get this ball rolling!

BotN UKfed Executives

***+***( Of course, we are all realists, and things can really crop up, which we can’t plan for. Some though, live their life one broken goal to another; so, if that is how you roll, think before saying yes)


Do you Hear The Call from The World Championships – June – Croatia

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