The UK Federation 2017 in review.

The entire UK Fed team wish to extend a huge congratulations to everyone who helped make 2017 one of most successful years to date.

As we approach our 5 year anniversary we stand as the oldest club in the UK, with the largest member base and one of the most active roster of international fighters in the UK.

Our highlights this year include but not limited too;

-International showing and medals from France, Germany and the Netherlands with multiple teams showcasing the Fed’s might over seas with our international teams, Primus and Auxiliary.

-Outstanding showing from the UK fed fighters as part of team UK gaining 4th in the world at Battle of the Nations 21 category in Barcelona.

-Our women’s division The Swords of Cygnus stormed onto the international scene this year with an outstanding showing both on UK soil and abroad with a horde of gold, silver and bronze medals across the entire year, they continue to make huge strides in women’s HMB and start 2018 stronger than ever.

-Local open training locations opening up across the country as we continue to grow and promote inclusive training and progress UK wide.

-Claiming victory at this years Heritage Cup, where Primus and the Swords of Cygnus swept up the overall victories with a handful of 1 v 1 category golds as well.

-Supporting team UK national training, and UK hosted events all year round with our partners, friends and other organisations to be a key part of future events in the UK that help grow the sport and its public awareness from coast to coast (literally!).

-A huge intake of new faces joining the ranks of the Fed, showing strong will to excel, win and improve in events so far.

With many exciting events planned for 2018, and changes in the works to make progress on the foundations laid this year, I am sure you will join me in offering an excited look to the future, and a great set of achievements and memories throughout 2017.

Our teams within the Fed will be seen across the world again next year, stronger and hungry for victory in the lists.

Stand to All.
Yield to None.

Happy New Year
Team UK Newsletter