What do I need to bring to my first training session?

  1. Sports clothes or loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.
  2. Trainers or military style boots are worn by the majority.
  3. Gum shields and groin guards are also required for fighting.
  4. See kit lists, Training Events

And what can I expect?

We start training with a warm up and stretching session, this leads us into sword and grappling techniques that we’ll then practice.

Moving onto armoured fighting in the afternoon, the club holds a limited supply of club armour and we aim to armour everyone up especially if it’s your first session.

Our lessons are aimed with improving everyone’s skill set whatever your current level of experience and fitness is.

What’s my first steps to buying armour and how do I go about it?

The UK Federation has a wide range of experience and between us we can guide you through buying your own armour.

A lot of mistakes get made by buying inappropriate or ill fitting armour and equipment, let us help to prevent you from making the same ones we did.

What do I buy first?

We recommend you start with padding (what you wear under armour) moving onto helmet and gauntlets, then torso followed by legs and arms (in either order).

We understand what an investment this is and as a result it can be done over a period of time.

Who do I buy the armour from?

As a club we have an address book full of armourers and suppliers for all your needs.

What do the different disciplines consist of?

  1. Buhurt, 5v5 & 21v21
  2. Female 3v3
  3. Sword and shield
  4. Sword and buckler
  5. Longsword Triathlon
  6. Pro fighting

What do the different metals mean ?

Mild steel

Simple steel dents easy, heavy, what most reenactors wear. Typically 2mm to be safe in this sport ‘cough’

Spring Steel

What most HMB fighters wear, light and strong, should be heat treated to maintain strength, thickness varies though typically fighters wear from 0.8mm to 1.2mm.


Lighter, stronger and does not rust. However, more expensive and hurts more when hit.

Speak to the fighters, each will have differing views on the merits of each type.


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