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There is not a romantic nature, who would not dream about a knight on a white horse, where the horse, of course, has the inertial frame of the verbal ideal. However, the “lady” – is as rare kurtuaznyh of novels, as well as warlike man in armor. Perhaps you will be surprised, but the knights really exist and they live among us, go to “Armu 17”, when they come for the armor, reading Kerouac and listen to punk, to get angry. 

Pasha Zhun?v, soldier National Team United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In favor of the United Kingdom at the world tournament 

Knight fights – as a sport

I am engaged in historical medieval battles, abbreviated ISF. This is a young sport, it takes about 35 countries. It consists of three main ditsipliny: bugurt (battle of two teams, consisting of twenty-one fighter each) grupovogo fights 5×5 and single fights. All fights are in full contact, a steel weapon (humanization), with slight variations in the terms and conditions of victory. The main objective: to survive and defeat the enemy. Retired “killed” is considered to be a fighter, which fell to the ground. Allowed any punches weapons, arms, legs, knees, elbows, edge shield, all parts of the body other than the base of the neck and groin. As permitted throws and sweeps. And yes, the blow from the sword, even in areas protected by armor, is very sensitive. All the men are armed and equipped historically correct type of weapons and armor chosen reconstructed period (14-16 century). 

How to fight the knights

Knight fights full of good old ultra-violence, and that something like this can be described: I clothed in armor weighing 25 kg, armed with a sword and a shield, and in the company of four merry go beat five knights, armed with axes and halberds. And away vonzalovo before losing momentum! The ringing of steel, iron smell, burning rage, the adrenaline, the body of a chilling fear. The air is sticky like jelly, his eyes turn black in pain, we need to continue to cling to life and beat, beat, beat, and more specifically to endure the pain. And when the enemy will be smitten, it would have hurt. It is terrible for everyone. With his fear must be able to negotiate. 

The pain and fear. Steel and Will. We beat each other with iron rods, pain, and in those moments, we touch the Void.We must somehow affliction inner demons, and what could be better than a good punch someone halberd, is not it?

About Britain

I live in Bristol. It is a port city in England. On its streets a couple of centuries ago walked Blackbeard – Pirates, robber, storm seas and oceans. Hence Stevenson’s characters went treasure Flint. In the days of the British Empire this port attracted adventurers, privateers, slavers, pirates, sailors and other “decent” crowd. 

Today, Bristol – the birthplace of trip-hop and street art. There are a lot of madmen, artists, merry and scum of all colors and shades. At Bristol is definitely a jazz rhythm. The music sounds even in the rustle of tires. A night on the town running fox. By the way, just killed bristolets tell you that I personally know Banksy. I’m doing exactly what you need to deal with the young rascal from the Urals, who lives in England, namely deprived of life, breaks hearts, kidnap princesses, I rake locks’ve been fighting for knightly tournaments. In general, the color is a British knighthood

The strength

The strength of a man is infinite, it is not going anywhere. You just need to continue to fight. Fight for the human inside, fighting a sense of confidence, to fight for the opportunity to fight for the lives of others, show compassion, it’s not so scary not wake up, how to continue to live feeling nothing. To achieve this it is necessary, even if you know it is doomed to failure. You do not need any wisdom, no equipment, no skill. We just need to be filled with determination and action. By doing so, you get rid of your dreams. 

About Pain

I’m just like everyone else, of flesh and blood. And I, too, is hurt. I’m far from being a knight without fear and without reproach, and like any other person, is weak. Pain – my friend, because she never lied to me. She never leaves me for a long time. When the pain with me, everything becomes clear, and life becomes meaningful. I see deeper. Pain makes me stronger. Pain fills my body. Pain -veliky Inquisitor. I learned that the most important thing in life – is the ability to endure suffering, tightly clenched teeth. This ability to gnash their teeth and never give up, no matter what. 

On the most difficult

To love another person – the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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