…from our current contingency!

“You feel alive. After doing the show for the public at the Fayre Times Festival I felt like I was on a downer for about a week, almost 24 hours a day;  I wonder when I’m able to get back in the armour. sad hey but there you go.”

Rowland Langley, new fighter and Kent Chapter Head

“Battle of the Nations UK Federation have been the most welcoming group of group of people I’ve ever met. Not only have I met some amazing friends I feel like were all one big family. When you spend several days/weekends in a row living/camping along side the same people, helping each other out and socialising when possible, you can’t help but feel that way. Coming along to support with Battle of the Nations since meeting you lot at Bloodstock where you took me under you wings is one of the best things I’ve done.” 

Chloe Tooth, Team Support

“It’s one of the last extreme sports where you can test every thing about yourself; Fitness mind, body and spirit to the extreme. Nothing compares with the amount of life pumping through your veins standing in the list. Friendships forged through fierce fighting thats grows stronger.. When your not fighting or with Battle of the Nations a huge part of you feels missing. As I was once told it’s, not a hobby its a way of life. And what a life it is. I wouldn’t changed for the world.”

John Quayle, Federation Head of Training, UK National Champion 2014, 2014 Team UK Fighter

“For me, it gives me the fitness angle that combines with my historical reenactment and western martial art backgrounds. No matter what your background it will test you to the limits, but in the company of awesome people.”

Kieran Neale, 2014 Fighter and Authenticity Lead.

“It’s ridiculous how quickly everyone gelled, the comradeship and banter set in within a couple of training sessions (it started for me when Axe kneed me in the face when I had a helm on and he didn’t have any knee armour :P).  Trogir was an amazing experience that just worked and I came away from it exhausted for a week but I wouldn’t change anything about it.”

Tim Martin, 2014 Team Fighter

“Fierce fighting – Fitness – Friendship – Fun all rolled into one!”

Cass Wheatley, fighter and Membership Secretary

“At home I don’t have a large group of friends that I socialise with, I am actually a bit of a lone wolf. But when I first met the guys and girls from Battle of the Nations I felt it just seemed to click into place. We are all from completely different background but very quickly we seemed to gel, and for me personally that was important. The energy and passion that is expelled on the lists as well as round the table in the evening is just one of the many things that has made this one of the most important and enjoyable chapters in my life. And hopefully for many more to come.”

Paul Blyth, Fighter

“There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting your husband with a sword and punching him in the head with shield .”

Emily Farrer, Events Coordinator

“I would say it’s not just the fighting and the support. It’s also the social side were like a big family we all help each other when it’s needed to achieve more than we thought we could.”

John Little, Health and Safety Manager

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