Château-Thierry was a stronghold with 2000 men at arms. Castle of Charles Martel. Military base for La Hire.

In 1370, in the heart of the hundred years war, Château-Thierry is besieged by the Prince of Wales, taken on the Saturday and then recovered on the Sunday. Will history repeat? Can the English take the castle and hold it this time? Or will the French repulse the invaders this time?


Experience the fight for real 12th July 2015! Bohurt fighters, favoured weapons in hand will face each other once more. With archers shooting at them from both sides. And artillery (blanks). As the commands are shouted out and smoke drifts across the causeway, will fighters resort to ladders to gain entry or will it be toe-to-toe close combat in corridors?

12 doughty fighters from the UK Federation will be making the crossing to French soil firmly intent in raising the UK flag above their decimated French opponents. Huzzah!

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Attack The Castle! Defeat The French!
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