Age: Born 2013 (you work it out!)

Likes: History, fighting, armour, Medieval weaponry, road trips with friends, Bohurt, Bloodstock, metal girls and guys

Team UK train in full armour during Croatia Battle of the Nations 2014 event.Dislikes: Eighties fashion, kittens, 40 hour long trips in a Winnebago.

Awards: 2013 Best Team Debut, Battle of the Nations tournament, France. 2013 Quarter-finalists in 5v5 Bohurt category, Battle of the Nations tournament, France,

Number 2 in Kerrang’s ‘Most Metal Moments at Bloodstock 2014′.

4th Place at “King Redbad Challenge”, Germany 2015.

3rd Place at “Prague Falchion” 2015 for UK2, and Quarter Final Place for UK1.



Appearances: 2013 Battle of the Nations Tournament, 2014, Battle of the Nations Tournament 2014, International Living History Fair, 2014, Loxwood Joust 2014,  Bloodstock Music Festival 2013, Bloodstock Music Festival 2014, Ludlow Castle, various dates. Prague Falchion 2015, St Georges Day Festival, Vauxhall (London),

Team UK tournament in Kerrang online
Kerrang feature HMB Germany fighters at Bloodstock 2014 ‘Most Metal Moments’.









Media: Men’s Fitness Magazine, June 2015












Bizzare Magazine, October 2014

Cover featuring HMB Battle of the Nations 2014 article - Bizarre magazine December 2014Team UK in Bizarre magazine December 2014 issue










Favourite Quote: “A tree trunk the size of a man grows from a blade as thin as a hair. A tower nine stories high is built from a handful of earth. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Lao-Tzu, “Dao De Jing

After Hours: The UK Fed is not all about the fighting; the AFTER-PARTY is often just as important! Fight hard = play hard! A time to repair kit, to socialise, and to invent novel ways of passing the time, such as Buhurt arm-wrestling or fighting by flaming torch-light!

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UK Federation : The Early Days


May 2012: The UK team formed for the Battle of the Nations UK Federation formed in the summer of 2012, under the leadership of UK Team Captain, Mark Annable.He, and a number of other fighters from both within the United Kingdom and abroad led the team’s first appearance at the Battle of the Nations World Championship 2014, held in Aigues Mortes France.

May 2013: Battle of the Nations team UK participated in the 2013 tournament, winning the ‘best team debut’ award and finishing 8th out of 44 teams in the 5v5 bouts from 24 international teams, being knocked out in the quarter final stage by one of the top Russian teams that went on to compete in the grand final.

BBC film crew follow the UK team at their debut in 2013.During the trip to Aigues Mortes the UK team were filmed for a the documentary Knight Club. The film followed the trials and tribulations of three new fighters as they prepared for their first full-contact armoured combat, against the backdrop if the trials and tribulations experienced in organising the inaugural trip to represent the UK.

August 2013: Following the success in Aigues-Mortes, Team UK fighters went on to display their prowess at the Bloodstock Music Festival 2013, attracting a host of interest and new recruits.


UK Federation; set up to promote and develop full-contact Medieval combat in the United KingdomNovember 2013: the Battle of the Nations UK Federation formed as the organisation designed to train, support and deliver top-class fighters to HMB international tournaments and the Battle of the Nations World Championships.

January 2014: The Knight Club premiered on BBC on the 6th January. Our membership and exposure increased twenty-fold overnight. Over 130 people trained with us at our January National Training.

June 2014: Team UK again sent a team to represent our country in the 2014 Battle of the Nations World Championships. Three squads of five fighters competed, together with competitors in the 1v1 tournament competition. Many of the fighters were brand new to their sport, having trained and armoured up in less than 6 months after joining foBohurt round in Croatia featuring Team UK fightersllowing the Knight Club documentary.

August 2014:  Team UK once again organised an International Tournament, hosted at the Bloodstock Music Festival, Catton Park.

September 2014: The first UK Federation National Championship were held at the Fayre Times Festival, Gunpowder Mills, Essex. Fighters from England, Scotland and Wales competed with John ‘Sharky’ Quayle being crowned the overal winner.



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