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If you would like to join as a member, please fill in the form below or email us at secretary@battleofthenations.org.


Membership Information:

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If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you must supply a parental consent form and mitigation of risk form signed by your parents to the Secretary at secretary@battleofthenations.org before you receive your membership card.

Medical and Emergency Contact Information

"Emergency Contact Name" and "Emergency Contact’s telephone number" fields are required for health and safety purposes. Instructors have a duty of care to their members and this information will only be used in emergencies. In cases where you are under the age of 18, such details must be those of the parent or legal guardian signing the form.
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"Ailments" consist of injuries or illnesses, long-term and/or recent, that may affect your ability to practice; that may require specialist attention from the Instructor; or may affect the issuing of insurance.
To review the Constitution, Statutes and Policies, please visit: http://battleofthenations.org/about-us/battle-of-the-nations-uk-federation-policy-documents/