Q: How Historically Accurate Is HMB C...

An excellent article recently published via the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) blog “Encased in Steel” seeks to draw historical parallels for “Battle of The Nations” (BoTN) and knightly tournament combat in extant accounts of the medieval period. The full article can be read here. (more…)

BATTLE READY! Men’s Fitness Mag...

June 2015 edition of Men’s Fitness features a comprehensive article about the fitness, training and technique behind full-contact Medieval combat. Anyone thinking of joining or trying out would find this a great introduction into easy fitness training to ease you into the sport, written by the UK Fed’s own training manager John Qu [...]

Inaugural St George Tournament –...

Inaugural St George Tournament – Knights & ‘Beasts’ Do Battle In London
In the year of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the 600th of the Battle of Agincourt; over 25 modern-day knights from the far corners of the United Kingdom converged on London to take part in the first annual full contact medieval combat 1 v 1 tournament. The event, hosted by the Vauxhall Trust (http://vauxhalltrust.org/) was par [...]

Bringing Home The Medals!

It has been an exceptionally busy year for the UK Fed since Croatia 2014 and 2015 is set to be even more intense as we regularly attend international competitions and bring home the results of everyone’s hard work, dedication, training, and experience – support crews and admin included. (more…)

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